Santa Caterina dello Ionio is a unique showcase: sea, mountains and landscapes; all immersed in an astonishing atmosphere of history and culture.

Santa Caterina dello Ionio is a town/village with an agricultural based economy, with splendid views of olive groves and vineyards which contrast with the magnificent colours of the sea.
The village is divided into two locations, the Marina and the upper mountain village, located about 9km from the coast. Of Vitule origins, it was subsequently occupied by Sabellici, Bruzi or Lucania. It was under the colonization of Magna Grecia, the Romans, and finally by the Greek-Byzantine.
The Greeks founded along the coast from the 8th Century. Colonies flourished, but near the sea there was little suitable defense. The Greeks felt the need to unite together in a safer and more suitable place for defense of all villages, abandoning the coast at the mercy of malaria and Saracen pirate invasions.
It is believed that Santa Caterina dello Ionio arose following the Saracen invasions (650-1086 A.D.), by the union of the dispersed colonies in the territory.
Originally, it was a small village surrounded by defensive walls, which opened four doors. Only one door "Porta dell'acqua", which translates to “Gateway of the water’, remains and it is still possible to admire. Around 1060, Santa Caterina dello Ionio became part of the county of Badolato.
In 1272, the first lord of the village was Rinaldo Conclubet. In 1487, the noble family of Arena of Conclubet was involved with the conspiracy of the Barons. They were overthrown and the town was handed over to Conte Alberico from Barbiano. In the following years, various noble families ruled from Cordova to Galeotta, from Gioieni to Colonna. In the seventeenth century, the noble family of Marzano endowed the village with a castle. In 1799, the possession of the territory passed to Di Francia, who held it until the abolition of feudalism.

Holiday in Santa Caterina
The Sea of Santa Caterina offers a wonderfulspectacular; with blends of unique colors from emerald green to blue hues. Sky blue that breaks with the extremely broad, beautifully white beaches inhabited by seagulls accustomed to living in perfect ecological balance.
The impeccability of a pristine environment both Marine and countryside, offers the taste of nature and tranquility to those who live here. With fresh fish and genuine products of the land, produced and processed in compliance with the traditions of the past, you can savor the countless recipes and local specialties from an ancient and cultured civilization. It is a privilege reserved for only a few.
Life is tranquil, there is no space here for the pace and frenzy of large resorts. Working life itself flows quietly, in the simple routine of everyday life. Typically, the people of southern Italy are friendly, always available and of a welcoming nature; full of vibrant personalities like thesunny southern climate.
The village of about 2,000 inhabitants is along the highway SS 106 Ionica and is located about 50 km from Catanzaro (Roccelletta), 150 km from Reggio Calabria, only 15 km from Riace (where the “Riace Bronzes” were discovered), 8 km from Monasterace (Caulonia) and about 60 km from Locri. Consider visiting the Cliffs of Caminia (along the SS 106); you can enjoy wonderful sights at heights with exceptional views of the breathtaking sea.
Holidays are exceptional, far from crowded beaches. You will be surrounded by white sandy beaches and a beautiful blue sea. It is the site of large marine areas, between coastal towns of the Ionian Sea. There are 3 to 15 km of completely deserted beach with widths from 50 to 150 metres from the shore. The coastline, full of coves, ranges from beaches of white granite sand to rocky coastal cliffs, which are accessible to everyone. The beaches have free access for swimming and the ''Lidi'' provide services such as Restaurants, Bars, Pizzerias, Discos and hire of beach chairs and umbrellas. The beauty of the sea and the coast in this area is pristine.
A holiday in Santa Caterina dello Ionio is certainly the best that you can ask for, after 12 months of an exhausting city life. Only 18 km north of the village there is the small but well equipped town of Soverato. It offers everything from jewellery to clothing stores stocked with major brands, ice cream and pastry shops, specialty stores, supermarkets and other businesses, including dining and entertainment. Also nearby are famous, beautiful nightclubs overlooking the cliffs of Caminia and Pietragrande.
Willing and adventurous small local entrepreneurs make every effort to create new services and improve existing ones. Local restaurants provide high quality and fresh seafood cuisines at affordable prices.